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Cherry Blossoms

A sea of pink flutters by
Dancing, twisting before my eyes

A sweet silky smell fills my nose
Tantalizing my senses with a heavy dose

The cherry blossoms highlight the trees
On every street from Victoria to Cambie

But there’s nothing like enjoying such a sight
Then with someone you cherish, here tonight

Like a velvet snow it brings out the best
Igniting spring fancies, stirring new interests

For the time taken to fall in love I reckon
Is the same speed cherry blossoms fall, 5 cm per second

1 Zone or 2?

The murmur on the bus
Becomes a drone to my ears
A sepia-toned reality
Email inbox is clear

The metal cage lists right
Brakes grinding to a halt
Somebody steps on
Leaving behind the cold asphalt

She pulls coins from her pocket
The clang of quarters bellows through
Too much change for one zone
So must be for two

Numerous depressing headlines
From today’s issue of 24
What a bleak picture it paints
No point reading it anymore

When I raise my eyes
I feel my limbs freeze
The most piercing Brown eyes
Lock sights with me

The richness and depth
Never been matched before
Much like a layered painting
So much hidden meaning held in store!

Those inquisitive eyes
Make it impossible to speak
They instill unworthiness
Transform the confident into meek

And yet they draw you closer
Leaving you wanting more
The magical stories they could tell
Attracting like heaven’s door

But then the bus lurches
A loud ping resounds
Reality dawns upon me
We’re Zone 3 bound

She braves the elements
The cool, rainy outdoors
The colour drains away again
Things return to the norm once more

I pull out my phone
Fire up Candy Crush
Only 28 stops to go
I’m in no rush

Delightful Dilapidation (A Poem About Broken Windows Theory)

Glass crackling rings throughout the deserted square

Brick and mortar coated with messages of despair


The words and sounds sing like a herald from afar

Shining like a beacon, a guide to a north star


For all the delinquents and scoundrels a chance is within reach

While nobody is looking, while nobody will screech


To unleash their inner demons, inhibitions unrestrained

Responding to these signals, almost as if trained


So to drive out the pests, make the area less dreary

Keep it clean and in repair, says Broken Windows Theory



Slow Down

The lights pierce tirelessly 

Illuminating the ghosts below

Driven to drudge endlessly

There’s never time to slow


The sights, sounds saturate the mind

No time or room to think

Wishing my senses could be temporarily blind

From the city to desync


In my dreams there’s a place of simplicity

With a silence that fills the square

A soft breeze kisses my cheek, without the toxicity

Of the polluted air


Putting my ear to the sky

I hear a familiar tone

From a place that has passed me by

It’s yearning for me to come home


From the deepest depths of my mind

I know it to be true

I miss my quiet far away place

and it misses me too.








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